The Hidden Benefits of Agile TAM – A Gateway to True Agility

By bedigital on November 24th, 2020

The frequent irony of agility is that despite delegating more decision-making, you end up with way more control. This is as a result of having better transparency of what is being done and more frequent opportunities for you to engage and steer.

Agility is a really powerful approach for transforming your business and will genuinely enable you to deliver on both quality and cost in a more meaningful way, avoiding scope-creep and waste. But for Agility to work in a way that will truly transform your business, you need to look beyond it being just a methodology for project management. This is why we have called our Asset Management offering Agile TAM.

Agility is a holistic approach for running your business. Simply deciding, however, that you are going to become an Agile company overnight isn’t necessarily the route to take. Change takes time and embedding a new mindset into your company’s culture requires careful planning. Your Agile journey should start realistically so as to allow the benefits to flourish from within, proving its value to those who engage with it. We are confident Agile TAM is a great way of introducing Agile practices into your business through solving common problems that companies have, while showcasing the benefits that Agility brings.

There are innumerable other benefits from shifting to this mindset. I’ve listed a few of my own thoughts below, as well as aspects less widely thought about:

1. You focus on what’s important

Being Agile requires you work out what’s important and break activities down into individual elements, which means you can focus on exactly the right deliverable to fix the problem. As you are able to see each element individually, that element can be changed far more easily if it isn’t working or where it needs to be modified as circumstances change.

2. There is a much higher risk of getting things right

Incorporating the ability to think more creatively and react more freely means you can test more ideas. Time alters things and this is especially true in tech. What was once perfect can quickly become redundant. Understanding clearly what you’re trying to achieve means that you can see when you’re going off track. It also means that each unit of work adds real value. The risk of ending up with something of no benefit at the end is much lower.

3. You create better teams and better companies

Thinking with Agility teaches us self-reflection and helps us accept that mistakes will occur. This means innovation is more likely, as people are more willing to experiment. This gives staff considerable autonomy and ownership and by focussing on what’s important, barriers between groups are broken down – the team talks more and communicates with users, is open to challenge and is comfortable with complete transparency, ultimately creating a more focussed organisation that’s more likely to deliver value.

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