IBM License Management

IBM provides business software applications that are critical to the infrastructure of organisations like yours.

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IBM License Management

Our IBM License Renewal & Audit Support service can help you to identify the risks, highlight the opportunities and remove the complexity around licensing.

bedigital can support you at any stage in the lifecycle of renewal or audit.  However, the earlier we are engaged, the more time there is to remediate any problems found and lower the final cost to your organisation.

We can help you to make informed decisions by ensuring you have reliable data.

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IBM License Management Support

Our IBM License Renewal & Audit Support service includes:

  • Quickly establishing the size of the financial risk
  • Helping you understand your Effective License Position (ELP)
  • Supporting your team with collecting data to complete a renewal or defend an audit
  • Helping your team mitigate compliance risks
  • Reviewing and sanitising all information to be submitted to the vendor
  • Advising your team through the renewal/audit process until handover to IBM
  • Advising your team in negotiations with IBM to close any license compliance gaps

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Our bedigital Service is Divided into Five Stages

bedigital IBM Licence Support Service Stages Diagram

Benefits of IBM Renewal & Audit Support

The benefits of choosing an IBM License Renewal & Audit Support service to enhance your organisation’s IT estate are significant. We can make sure that:

  • Your IBM License Position is available quickly, including the size of any compliance gap
  • We demonstrate how to reduce compliance risk before sharing information with the auditor
  • We offer expert advice to your team on managing the audit, through to the commercial settlement

Our service will significantly lower your cost of the final settlement with IBM. Typically, we deliver reductions of more than 30% from the original compliance gap.

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