Traditional TAM Vs Agile TAM

What's the difference and what does it mean to my organisation? 

Technology Asset Management (TAM) is about buying the right thing, at the right time and in the right way and managing the asset to maximise value – sounds simple, doesn’t it? 

However, As the pace of change continues to accelerate, the demand from the business to adapt, adopt and disregard technical assets is becoming an increasing strain for traditional TAM departments, with costly impacts on efficiency, sustainability, and budgets.   

Our latest white paper explores how re-shaping and transforming your TAM services can save your organisation millions, take away the headache and align TAM with your business needs and demands, whilst maintaining or reducing the current cost of your TAM operations.

White Paper Content:

  • Major limitations that traditional TAM presents

  • The true cost of traditional TAM

  • Limits of current fixes, such as license negotiating companies

  • Benefits of Agile TAM: 4 Stories

  • 3 Step journey for implementing Agile TAM


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