AI Special 5#: Sara El-Hanfy, Head of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Innovate UK : Achieving Ethical AI

Published on June 13, 2023

Do we need to worry about extinction from AI?! 

After 4 jam-packed conversations with some of the biggest thought leaders in the AI space, what better way to conclude our epic series than with someone who can give us the low-down on all things AI ethics. Sara El-Hanfy, Head of AI and Machine Learning at Innovate UK joins Gareth and Kerensa to conclude our A-list line up and discuss the importance of handling AI with care.  

From entering the tech space through an unconventional route (proving that it’s possible to study a STEM subject at university even without an A-Level in Maths!), Sara has been on a quest to ensure both AI accessibility and safety for businesses nationwide. Being an Advisory Board Member for UK Parliament on the complexities of AI adoption, Sara offers her expert opinion on the ethics of AI tools like ChatGPT and tells us the major AI risks we should all be aware of. 

This final episode is the perfect conclusion to our TTLP AI Series. After numerous conversations about all of the exciting prospects AI is awarding us, Sara reminds that we must approach this unprecedented technology with a degree of caution. As this series comes to an end, one thing remains certain: even AI experts cannot predict what the future holds. 


Time stamps 

  • What excites Sara most about the AI revolution? (02:04) 
  • What is Innovate UK? (06:00) 
  • A day in the life of Sara (07:41) 
  • The BridgeAI programme (09:34) 
  • Is AI going to overrun your business? (16:45) 
  • Breaking tradition to get into tech (19:40) 
  • Is using ChatGPT cheating? (28:53) 
  • Investing in entrepreneurs (34:47) 
  • Is the UK government scared of AI? (39:10) 
  • Sara’s favourite AI tool (41:00) 
  • Advice to her 21-year-old self (42:29) 
  • Kerensa’s favourite moment of the AI series (41:10)