#96, Sam Grice, CEO and Founder @ Octopus Legacy: Combatting Grief in the Age of Technology

Published on May 22, 2024

This week’s guest turned tragedy into tech innovation with a platform designed to transform the way we all deal with death. Sam Grice, CEO and Founder of Octopus Legacy (formerly Guardian Angel) has created a platform that manages all aspects surrounding death; from will creation to bereavement support. 

Sam was always destined from entrepreneurial success, as both his parents were keen entrepreneurs, and he put his hereditary expertise to the test with a food and supplement side hustle. However, it wasn’t until the tragic loss of his mum, did the full extent of Sam’s passion for innovation flourish with the creation of Guardian Angel (now Octopus Legacy). 

Being a key player in propelling the death-tech industry forward, Sam is a tech leader that is paving the way in an industry that affects each and every one of us. This episode covers an incredibly inspirational entrepreneurial journey and is not to be missed!

Time stamps 

  • What does good leadership mean to Sam? (02:10) 
  • Early exposure to life as an entrepreneur (03:25) 
  • Starting out with a side hustle (06:00) 
  • The tragedy that shaped Sam’s tech career (08:18) 
  • Creating Guardian Angel (12:12) 
  • Overcoming the obstacles within death-tech (17:04) 
  • What is a founder’s ‘kryptonite’? (22:00) 
  • Acquisition by Octopus Group (29:12) 
  • The Future of Octopus Legacy (33:31) 
  • How Sam achieves balance (43:10) 
  • Advice to young founders (44:43) 

Book recommendation: Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions, Dr, Dan Ariely - Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions: Amazon.co.uk: Ariely, Dr Dan: 9780061854545: Books