#87: VP Strategic Initiatives @ Amazon Web Services, Brian Taptich: Transforming Cloud Computing

Published on January 9, 2024

The already evolving cloud computing space is undergoing an accelerated period of change, in light of the emergence of Generative AI technology. This week, Gareth is joined by Cloud Computing Expert and VP of Strategic Initiatives at AWS, Brian ‘Tap’ Taptich.  

This episode uncovers Brian’s journey to becoming a leader in the largest cloud service provider on the market, which ultimately began with a ‘early midlife crisis’ in the form of a motorcycle trip around the US. His ability to lead tech companies is exemplified through his phenomenal career history; as he worked to save Bitcasa from insolvency on the 6th day of being the CEO, Brian’s leadership skills have truly been tried and tested. 

Brian tells us what makes AWS such a powerhouse in the cloud computing space, from abolishing ‘PowerPoint culture’ to values that ‘can be learned but are mostly earned’. He offers stellar advice to CEOs, including how to be a ‘benevolent dictator’ and strike the right balance between business and culture. If you’re interested in finding out how to be successful in the cloud space, this episode is not to be missed. 

Time stamps 

  • An introduction to ‘Tap’ (01:34) 
  • What good leadership means to Brian (02:17) 
  • The milestones that made him (03:55) 
  • The dotcom boom vs. the AI revolution (07:41) 
  • The biggest lessons from building Bitcasa (10:05) 
  • What surprised Brian most when joining AWS (13:39) 
  • The relationship between AWS and Amazon (16:00) 
  • Brian’s prediction of AWS’ future evolution (30:15) 
  • Brian’s best productivity tips (41:18) 

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