#84, Google Cloud MD UKI, Helen Kelisky on Diversity, AI and Cloud Technology

Published on November 21, 2023

This week, Helen Kelisky, MD at Google Cloud UKI joins Gareth to discuss her leadership journey; from securing a role in juggernaut IBM, marking her entry into the tech space, to joining the powerhouse that is Google Cloud as the Managing Director UKI.  

A proud advocate for diversity in tech, Helen has been recognised on Computer Weekly’s Most Influential Women in Tech list for the last 6 years, exemplifying both her career successes and her external volunteering in organisations such as Women in Telecoms & Technology (WiTT). 

Helen gives us insight into her leadership success and how to manage a team in the most effective way possible, ensuring that ‘every day is a learning day’, even for leaders. This episode is a must-listen for anyone curious to know more about cloud computing or anyone in need of some stellar leadership advice— we’ve got you covered. 


  • What does good leadership mean to Helen? (01:36) 
  • Inclusivity in tech (04:42) 
  • An introduction to Helen (07:22) 
  • Helen’s journey into tech (09:30) 
  • The workplace cultures of IBM, Salesforce and Google (13:15) 
  • What problems are Google Cloud trying to solve? (19:10) 
  • Helen’s productivity and work-life balance tips (29:26) 
  • Advice to her younger self (32:20) 
  • Helen’s charitable initiatives outside of work (33:44) 

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