#67 CEO and Co-Founder of Nothing, Carl Pei: Disrupting the tech hardware space

Published on April 11, 2023

“Let’s make tech fun again” is the mantra of this week’s trailblazing guest, Co-founder and CEO of Nothing, Carl Pei, as he embraces the innovative technology of the future and encourages us all to do the same. In the episode, Gareth and Carl discuss the influence that Steve Jobs and Apple had on Carl in his youth, and how being a little disillusioned with the pause on hardware innovation motivated him to dream of being a disruptor.   

Carl is an advocate of leading by example and describes ‘leading a team to victory’ through being the best operator possible to motivate the continuous personal development and learning of your team. As the conversation moves towards the dynamic between human and machine, Carl looks forward to the Age of AI generating ‘just another set of tools’ to aid the human experience, not replace humans altogether.  

 Time stamps 

  • Carl’s take on good leadership (02:50) 
  • Fascination with the internet (07:45) 
  • Carl’s appreciation for design, especially Apple (14:00) 
  • OnePlus origins (15:00) 
  • Creating a tech hardware brand (19:00) 
  • Entrepreneurial advice (21:19) 
  • The next big technology evolution (25:00) 
  • Disruptive AI (30:30) 
  • Recalibrating the tech labour market (36:15) 
  • Carl’s advice to his younger self (40:30) 

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