#63 Felipe Canedo, Global Head of Engineering and Transformation at Vodafone

Published on January 31, 2023

From entering the tech space in his early teens with a keen interest in all things IT, to becoming the Global Head of Engineering and Transformation at Vodafone, Felipe Canedo joins Gareth to recall his journey to success in one of the biggest telecom companies in the world. On this week’s episode, Felipe discusses his role in transforming Vodafone into a fully-fledged ‘tech company’, as well as promoting an effective leadership style that centres around ‘moving people together to achieve a common goal’. 

The conversation shifts between candid reflections on Felipe’s former life in Brazil, to a discussion on the world of AI and how software such as Chat GPT should be considered ‘a partner, not a replacement’ to workers. When reminiscing over his career journey, Felipe concludes by offering sagely guidance to his younger self, advising young people to ‘believe in your dreams and chase them as soon as you get the chance’. 


 Time Stamps 

What good leadership means to Felipe (01:33) 

Felipe’s tech origins (02:40) 

Moving to the UK (04:17) 

What is a Global Head of Engineering? (05:10) 

Creating a global community of developers (06:00) 

What Felipe misses about Brazil (09:30) 

How does the British tech industry compare to the Brazilian tech industry? (11:05) 

How to answer your own questions and find your own solutions (13:49) 

Becoming a senior manager (15:09) 

Coding at home (16:23) 

How ChatGPT is changing the game (17:01) 

The ways that AI will change telecoms (20:10) 

The ‘gloomy side’ of AI (25:00) 

What is 5G? (26:06) 

How Vodafone has changed as a result of the pandemic (34:21) 

Navigating online meetings (38:37) 

Felipe’s advice to his 21-year-old self (40:20) 

Outside of work interests (43:40) 

*Book recommendation- ‘Machine, Platform, Crowd’ Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson- Machine, Platform, Crowd – Harnessing Our Digital Future: Amazon.co.uk: Mcafee, Andrew, Brynjolfsson, Erik: 9780393356069: Books

*Disclaimer: the views expressed in this episode are Felipe’s own personal views and not necessarily those of Vodafone*