#56 Lisa Heneghan - Global Chief Digital Officer for KPMG

Published on October 12, 2022

Having forged her way in a male-dominated world, KPMG's Lisa Heneghan explains to us how a fully diverse workforce makes for better business. 
Inspired to take a role in tech by her father, Lisa’s career path to Chief Digital Officer at KPMG UK has seen her navigate from Y2K to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Lisa shares with Gareth some great advice about leadership, networking and work-life balance. 
1:40 What does good leadership mean to Lisa? 
2:28 Where were the female role models?
4:11 How Lisa’s dad inspired her 
6’18 Lisa’s career milestones
7:20 Taking a step into the consultancy world
9:21 Saving the world from Y2K 
12:11 Changes in management consultancy 
14:00 The only woman in the room 
19:30 Finding and maintaining a neurodiverse workforce 
21:20 The future of working from home 
25:30 What excites you about the future of technology? 
29:00 Advice for 21-year-old Lisa 
37:15 That books that inspire Lisa