#42 - Women in Tech Special #2: Alice Bentinck, Co-founder Entrepreneur First

Published on February 8, 2022

On this episode of the Tech Leaders Podcast - Women in Tech series, we are joined by the inspirational Alice Bentinck; co-founder of Entrepreneur First and Code First Girls - where she’s worked tirelessly to give others opportunities that they otherwise wouldn’t have had to become entrepreneurs, as well as encouraging more women into the tech sector.

Alice opens up to discuss how she got to where she is today, what mistakes she made along the way, how she grew her business and what advice she’d give to others as well as why she thinks ambition is key to everything an entrepreneur can achieve and shouldn’t be seen as a bad word.


02:26 - Introduction to Alice & Entrepreneur First

04:20 - Giving permission to be ambitious

07:20 - Alice’s First Startup Process

10:25 - How Networking attracted the head of LinkedIn

12:31 - The Story of Code First Girls

16:34 - Alice’s Advice on growing your network

18:15 - Gender Diversity in the Tech and entrepreneurship sectors

22:27 - Alice’s Journey into Coding

24:46 - How to stay resilient

26:30 - How Business owners can create a culture encouraging female ambition

30:42 - What is Web 3.0?