#41 - Women in Tech Special #1: Naomi Timperley

Published on February 1, 2022

On the first of our ‘Women in Tech’ Series Professor Kerensa Jennings and Gareth Davies are joined by an inspirational woman who’s been consistently listed as one of the 50 most influential women in Tech, Naomi Timperley.
 Naomi talks to us about setting up and scaling Baby Loves Disco, an immensely popular children's disco service, and getting approached to pitch on the Dragons Den. Despite turning down an offer, Naomi still struck up a great relationship with Deborah Meadon and learned a huge amount from the experience. Naomi has also inspired and mentored hundreds of young entrepreneurs and also Inspired and launched Digital Enterprising Award as well as co-founding Tech North advocates and sitting on the board at Salford University. 
 They also discuss some of Naomi's challenges throughout her career and her observations about the next generation of female leaders along with much much more..
 02:23 - Introductions to Naomi
 03:40 - Baby Loves Disco
 04:15 - Dragons Den
 06:30 - Youth Entrepreneurship
 07:45 - IDEA Inspiring Digital Enterprising Award
 11:45 - Gender Challenges
 13:00 - Inspiring with Confidence
 17:30 - The Education System and opening opportunities
 20:40 - Mentoring Others
 25:00 - Generation Z’s Perceptions on careers
 30:50 - Local Businesses and Schools Connecting
 32:30 - Education and Gender Stereotyping Careers
 34:00 - Naomi’s Advice to Business Leaders on gender balance
 36:25 - Lockdown Inspiration


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