#40 - Louisa Murray – COO, UK and Europe at Railsbank

Published on December 15, 2021

Railsbank is the world’s leading Embedded Finance Experience platform. Today we’re joined by their COO of UK and Europe, Louisa Murray. Louisa joined Railsbank as one of its first employees in 2017, and built the sales function from scratch, growing the sales and customer success teams. Prior to this she worked as a trader, headhunter and ran her own recruitment business. 

In this conversation, we explore consumer-driven products, legacy technology, making the tech industry more accessible to women, the power of role models  – and a very important conversation she once had in an elevator.

Talking Points

  • The early stages of Louisa’s banking career (04:41)
  • The impact of being a woman in a male-dominated industry (08:01)
  • What inspired Louisa to be a headhunter (11:33)
  • Key lessons learnt from working in recruitment (15:22)
  • Railsbank’s mission (18:09)
  • Trends to look out for in the UK FinTech space (22:42)
  • Transitioning from a sales role into a COO (25:12)
  • What makes a good salesperson? (27:02)
  • What Railsbank has learnt from the pandemic (30:25)
  • How can we make the tech industry more accessible for women? (35:40)
  • The future of Railsbank (42:47)
  • On the decentralisation of banks and cryptocurrencies (44:39)
  • The problem with printing more money (48:29)
  • Louisa’s career advice (42:08)