#35 - Gerard Grech – CEO, Tech Nation (London Tech Week Special)

Published on September 24, 2021

After every crisis there’s an entrepreneurial boom – and the pandemic has been no exception. Today I explore how the tech space is massively evolving across the UK, with Gerard Grech, CEO at Tech Nation. His passion for mobile and media is shown through his impressive career, where he has worked for brands such as Blackberry World, Nokia, and Orange.

We’re recording at the Excel Centre from this year’s London Tech Week, so I’m excited to catch up with Gerard and hear more about his latest insights. In this episode we discuss unicorns – and decacorns – across the country, the impact of consumer behaviour changes, the rise of alternative currencies, the tech space in climate change and robotics, and much more.

Talking Points

  • Why the UK leads so strongly with its tech scene (05:15)
  • Gerard’s background and role at Tech Nation (08:02)
  • How Tech City turned into Tech Nation (12:27)
  • Tech changes from the pandemic that are here to stay (15:03)
  • The UK FinTech scene (17:46)
  • Trends in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies (20:57)
  • Tech Nation’s accelerator programmes (24:48)
  • What is deep tech? (29:19)
  • The Net Zero Pledge (34:20)
  • Keep insights from the Job and Skills Report 2021 (39:50)
  • The education system’s role in technology (41:55)
  • The effects of Brexit so far (45:09)
  • Gerard’s advice to aspiring young entrepreneurs (49:19)