#24 - Yamini Rangan – CEO, HubSpot

Published on February 9, 2021

Embracing your uniqueness and authentic voice has been the driving force behind today’s guest success as a leader. Yamini Rangan is the Chief Customer Officer at HubSpot and is working on some ambitious goals for the leading CRM provider. Driven by the motto “helping is the new selling”, I loved learning more about Yamini’s insights into sales and marketing.

Coming from an engineering background, Yamini has learnt how sales goes hand-in-hand with technology. With over 24 years experience across sales, marketing, operations, and strategy, she has also worked at Workday and Dropbox. In 2019, Yamini was recognised as one of the Most Influential Women in Business by San Francisco Business Times. 

Join our conversation as we discuss decision-making patterns, hyper-growth, gender diversity – and booking her one-way ticket from India to Atlanta in her early 20s. 

Talking Points

  • Her passion for technology when growing up in a small Indian town (4:49)
  • The technology changes Yamini has seen in India (12:15)
  • Establishing her career in the US (14:12)
  • Key milestones in Yamini’s career (25:46)
  • Joining Hubspot and her ambitious goals (31:05)
  • The fundamentals of sales and marketing (33:56)
  • Making the entire customer journey digital (36:41)
  • How to get noticed as a small business online (38:57)
  • Getting more women into STEM (42:07)