#22 - Sina Yamani - CEO, Yoello

Published on January 6, 2021

Sina left university prematurely to pursue entrepreneurial endeavours. “.. in the right place at the right time”.  His company Yoello has achieved incredible growth in 2020.  The app-less mobile ordering and payment solution is now used by thousands of high street restaurant and hospitality businesses, including Burger King, Subway, and The Grand, York, allowing them to serve their customers securely, efficiently and rapidly.  In this Tech Leaders’ Podcast, Gareth talks to Sina about the path to meteoric success, from his arrival in the UK aged 8 knowing little more than two words of English, his early entrepreneurial projects through to being the owner and CEO of a company that is revolutionising payment systems. Not adverse to risk-taking, Sina talks about his early foray into Bitcoin, leaving university during his final year to start his business (much to his mother’s upset) finding investors, and setting up an experienced board of advisors from the global financial sector. He discusses setbacks, the milestones in Yoello’s growth, his own personal motivation, and how he built the corporate structure. Gareth quizzes him on future plans, the challenges of working remotely when building a new business, on-boarding new employees in such conditions and what he looks for when hiring talent. The future looks very bright for Yoello with expansion into Europe an imminent prospect.