ITAM Discovery

£1.4m in savings realised

New distributed TOM Implemented

Reduced VAR by £4.5m

The Challenge

ENWL are a private Electricity DNO regulated by Ofgem.
They provide distribution services from the grid to end users
across the North West, serving 4m premises.  Their income is fixed, and they have to deliver their services within the 5-year plans agreed with Ofgem.

ENWL spent approximately £9m in hardware and software per annum and engaged with us after 2 costly audits with 2 mega vendors where initial audit findings showed a £5m liability.


bedigital Solution

We undertook a discovery followed by a packages of
work undertaking:

Commercial optimization of main contracts with Microsoft and Oracle Development and Implementation of new TOM using distributed responsibilities which implemented the necessary governance without increasing operational costs through a proactive approach.