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Technology business management

Management of cost continues to be a challenge for all, but increasingly the focus is shifting from 'doing more for less' to better managing the consumption of IT Services.

By identifying the cost of consumed services, IT can support the business make value-based decisions and support comprehensive demand management. 


bedigital can help create cost transparency into the delivery of IT services through the implementation of clear models and tools even in complex environments where there are multiple sources of IT cost.   

Cost transparency

Building a cost and reporting model for your business which allows for clear, service-based cost reporting. This exposes cost drivers and levers, so IT and the business understand where they can impact costs. bedigital has the financial expertise to lead this work and partner with technical service providers to provide the tools to bring the benefit quickly.

Cost benchmarking

Identify areas of inefficient spend by comparing unit costs against peer benchmarks. Support scenario planning by comparing options against relevant peers and manage your ecosystem of suppliers to ensure that you are achieving value for money for your business. bedigital can provide access to significant market datasets and undertake the analysis for you to provide insights.

Cloud cost management

Drive business value by understanding, managing, and optimizing purchase and usage of public cloud. Understand costs and usage to avoid surprises and drive accountability. Manage consumption by infra, app, and business units to make better decisions. Optimise resources by taking action on underutilized and idle instances. bedigital can provide tools to bring cloud cost management into your organisation and give you the insight you need to track and manage.

Internal service charging

By clearly modelling the service costs and chargeback process to optimize IT investments. Make IT billing more defensible by communicating IT spend in terms the business understands. Drive consumption behaviour with service options that let consumers dictate IT demand. Increase accountability through self-service allocation detail for business consumers. bedigital has developed service charging models for a number of clients and can provide tools to productionise the process.

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