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Technology Asset Management Services

bedigital provides Technology Asset Management (TAM) services to ensure effective management, control and protection of both Cloud and on-premise software assets throughout the lifecycle from procurement to disposal. Our goal is to manage our clients IT expenditure and risks in owning software & hardware assets in line with their strategic plans.

How we can help you 

Organisations face many risks and challenges in relation to IT asset management with the shift from on-premise to cloud. These changes bring a number of complexities around licensing and asset management which can lead to your organisation being non-compliant.

In order to ensure compliance, we offer a number of services to help you manage your ITAM estate, these include;


We develop a model to expand and centralise your technology asset management functions and governance, improve processes and implement automation to ensure timely availability of current, accurate, and complete information on all enterprise IT assets.


Inventory & discovery

We identify the hardware and software assets deployed across the estate. Once identified, we ensure all assets are tracked and managed until retirement whilst ensuring overall compliance.


Technology Identification

With a number of technology solutions available on the market with varying degrees of functionality and cost, we remain supplier agnostic enabling us to help you to identify the best solution for your needs.


Process Improvement

By assessing your IT processes, we can identify improvements in how business units, IT systems and people integrate to support your strategy. Subsequently we can make recommendations in regards to changing behaviours, culture, processes and technology where needed.



We identify the deployment of software measured against licence entitlements. This will provide an understanding of how key software is used by the organisation and help to identify any risks or governance challenges caused by misconfiguration or mismanagement.

ITAM Capabilities Overview

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