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Enabling change for successful project delivery.

How many frameworks are too many?

For many enterprises and fast-growing organisations, you may be using a combination of – PRINCE2, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall; to name but a few. This may be in addition to variations from the documented standards.


This approach is understandable – each line of business, or department may be using whatever suits them and the types of project they are running. For example, a manufacturing department may be well-versed in Lean, whereas the newly formed development team have adopted Agile.

More often than not however, projects aren’t performed in isolation and will instead form part of a larger cross-functional and business-wide programmes. This is where challenges start to present themselves:

  • How do you manage change consistently across the organisation?

  • Who makes decisions, when are they made? How are they communicated?

  • Are programmes transparently aligned to business objectives?

  • How is current project status reported? Are teams left feeling disenfranchised?

Ensuring your project success.

It’s not often in IT that you’ll hear multiple, non-standardised approaches recommended. However, DMSG has developed a project management lifecycle that enables multiple project methodologies to be run concurrently and successfully across organisations whilst maintaining consistency and control.

DMSG’s approach helps ensure, from a risk and compliance perspective, the right questions (and subsequent decisions) and checks occur at the right time.

Drive a consistent approach to project and change management.

Facilitate transparent project and programme communications, enabling a uniform approach to decision making across the organisations.

Align and communicate business and programme objectives

Customer successes.

Read how DMSG helped The Co-operative Group unify their project management methodologies.

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