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  • Lucy Gossage

Why has DMSG changed its name?

DMSG was established in 2014 with a vision to offer public sector and central government a means to effectively define their strategic vision and transform IT estates.

Almost five years on, having successfully delivered a number of high-profile projects, we have now cemented our position in our industry as a trusted partner to central government and have further carved out our niche in the private sector.

Off the back of our industry research and partnerships, we have gone on to set up a number of new innovative service lines to complement our client offering. As these have developed and established themselves in their own right, we have felt that our visual identity should be updated to reflect our growth and our future plans.

Changing to bedigital is the next step in bringing all our service offerings and companies under a single brand family. The aim is to align with our sister business, talentbe, and give ourselves a stepping stone when adding new branches to our family under one aligned brand identity.

Our new identity

Our new logo, which has been designed to reflect our strengths, mirrors our sister brand talentbe, keeping within the ‘Bee’ theme.

bedigital was created to align our name with our services and to create cohesion with talentbe. The use of honeycomb, to keep the bee theme, aligns us with one of nature’s and the bees’ most intricate and complex creations. The shape and design of honeycomb also represents a digital network, which is something that we, as a business, pride ourselves on having. Furthermore, the design of the honeycomb itself also reflects the idea of collaboration, where each hexagon represents its own pod and demonstrates that the beehive could not function without teamwork and collaboration.

What does this mean to our customers?

We are still the same team, offering the same great service, empowering organisations to embrace change in the digital age.

For our customers, our new identity has no impact on the service we offer nor on the partner relationships that we have. What it does mean though, is that you will have access to a growing suite of services that seamlessly links technology and people to offer a full life-cycle change programme for true transformational success.


If you are an existing customer with a question or if you would like to find out more about our service offerings, please contact Victoria Wood at or take a look at our website

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