#97, Tim Levy, Founder and CEO @ Twyn: Being a Fifteen-Time Founder

Published on June 5, 2024

This week’s guest is an extremely experienced entrepreneur, as after being a founder 15 times, Tim Levy, Founder and CEO of Twyn, has made waves in industries from insurance to entertainment. Tim joins Gareth to discuss his colourful career journey that has brought him most recently to the world of AI.

After leaving his position as director at an insurance broker firm, Tim set his entrepreneurial sights on the bright lights of Hollywood and plunged into the waters of the entertainment industry. His first company Factor 8 Films helped finance, produce and distribute many iconic movies, including Jurassic World and Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 & 3. 

Now, Tim’s latest venture harnesses his experience in the entertainment industry and combines it with cutting-edge technology. Twyn is a platform that aims to ‘revolutionise digital interaction’ by creating digital twins of celebrities, whereby users can engage in conversation with them; starting with football legend, Lionel Messi. This conversation explores the interesting concept of authenticity in AI and is not to be missed!

·       What does good leadership mean to Tim? (02:14)

·       Making a drastic career change (06:02)

·       Generating 10 billion dollars in the film industry (09:50)

·       Tim’s investment strategy (14:50)

·       Investing in sustainability to invest in the future (17:52)

·       Tim’s top advice for investors and entrepreneurs (28:10)

·       What is Twyn and how does it work? (35:09)

·       Working with Lionel Messi (41:39)

·       What excites Tim most about the future of AI (47:00)

·       Tim’s advice to his 21-year-old self (50:38)