AI Special 2#: Catriona Campbell, CTIO @ EY:  Human-centric AI and Diversifying Technology

Published on May 23, 2023

Scared about robots taking over the world? Worried that AI aliens will destroy humankind as we know it?  Fear not! This week’s guest, Catriona Campbell, CTIO at EY, is a human-computer interaction expert, and she’s here to explain how we can co-exist in perfect harmony. In the second instalment of our AI series, Gareth, Kerensa, and Catriona discuss how the democratisation of AI has the capability to yield more value for humans than perhaps we realise.   

Embracing change and disrupting the status quo isn’t something that’s new to Catriona, as being told that she was ‘“too young and too female”’ as a young entrepreneur sparked a desire to revolutionise the tech space— and wow, has she done it!  

From driving Barclays’ online banking application, to being a part of Tony Blair’s taskforce team for inclusive government to ultimately setting up Ernst and Young’s pioneering Neuro-Diverse Centre of Excellence, Catriona Campbell is a true tech trailblazer.   

Time stamps  

  • What excites Catriona most about the AI revolution? (02:30)  
  • Merging creatives with technologists (05:50)  
  • Ernst and Young’s first female CTIO (06:42)  
  • Leading Barclays’ first online banking service at 24yo (09:47)  
  • “Too young and too female” for an investment (12:53)  
  • Dot com boom to AI boom (14:30)  
  • Tony Blairs Taskforce (16:10)  
  • How do we regulate AI? (18:00)  
  • Advice for businesses on AI adoption (22:15)  
  • Catriona’s book ‘AI by Design’ (30:28)  
  • Capturing neuro-diverse talent (37:10)  
  • Catriona’s take on what jobs will be affected by AI (39:50)  
  • AI in Education (44:25)  
  • Catriona’s advice to young entrepreneurs (45:15)