AI Special 1#: Priya Lakhani OBE, CEO of CENTURY Tech: “Living with, working with and building AI”

Published on May 16, 2023

The AI revolution is here. Are you ready for it? 

What better way to kick of our brand-new AI series than with a guest who’s on a mission to change the world and *spoiler alert* she’s already doing it. Gareth and Kerensa are joined by Priya Lakhani, philanthropic entrepreneur and CEO of CENTURY Tech, the AI-powered educational tool that is changing the game in schools and colleges across the globe.   

Priya’s captivating story of her quest to make systemic change, due to witnessing inequality first-hand on numerous occasions, pairs well with her passion for AI accessibility, as she works to bridge the barriers between AI and HI. As CENTURY prides itself on personalised pathways to give each student a bespoke educational journey, this episode largely focuses on how AI can be harnessed by humans to break down barriers and improve broken aspects of society.   

From abandoning a successful career as a barrister, to setting up a cooking-sauce start up, through to discovering the endless possibilities of AI; this mind-blowing conversation demonstrates how becoming a successful tech leader in the age of AI is invariably about ensuring that fundamental human values remain the same.   


Time stamps 

  • What excites Priya most about the AI revolution? (02:45) 
  • The dawn of a new CENTURY (Tech) (05:25) 
  • From courtroom to computer (12:20) 
  • Priya’s saucy venture (17:05) 
  • The 2 emotions of entrepreneurs (21:00) 
  • Fighting female in the tech space (23:30) 
  • Priya’s publishing project (27:20) 
  • The rapid growth of ChatGPT (30:00) 
  • The relationship between AI and HI (35:00) 
  • How regulation chases innovation (42:45) 
  • Battling bias in AI (47:35) 
  • Priya’s advice to her 21-year-old self (53:10) 


*Book recommendation- Inadequate: The system failing our teachers and your children, Priya Lakhani Inadequate: The system failing our teachers and your children: Priya Lakhani: 9781912906222: Books