#94, CEO @ Kin + Carta, Kelly Manthey: Mapping the Future of Technology: From Consultant to Global CEO

Published on April 23, 2024

This week’s guest is a self-proclaimed “consulting industry veteran”, and after being in the tech space for over 25 years, Kelly Manthey, Global CEO at Kin + Carta is a tech leader with a compelling story to tell.  

After delving into the corporate world straight from university and securing a role as a consultant at Accenture, Kelly trained as an applications developer before her trajectory to the top. Following the mantra that “standing still is not a strategy”, her experience within both the corporate and start-up realms has ultimately shaped Kelly’s journey to Global CEO. 

In this episode, Kelly attributes her success as a leader to 3 main aspects: being a steward of the business, being a good ally, and being a futurist. This conversation uncovers not only her incredible journey as a technologist, but also Kelly’s stellar advice as a trail-blazing tech leader. This episode is a treasure trove of wisdom and practical advice. 


Time stamps 

  • What does good leadership mean to Kelly? (02:00) 
  • The journey to becoming a consulting industry veteran (03:28) 
  • Lessons from joining Accenture as a graduate (05:54) 
  • Leaving the corporate world for success in a start-up (08:26) 
  • The role of a Global CEO (14:25) 
  • Benefits of being a B Corp? (19:00) 
  • The difference between British and US consulting firms (21:50) 
  • Are companies really embracing AI? (27:50) 
  • Kelly’s top productivity tips (38:08) 
  • Advice to her younger self (41:01) 
  • The future of the female CEO (42:43)