#93, Anders Billesø Beck, VP of Strategy and Innovation @ Universal Robots: Bringing Robots into the Real World

Published on April 11, 2024

In honour of National Robotics Week, this episode features a guest who’s on a mission to create a world where people “work with robots, not like robots”.

Anders Billesø Beck joins Gareth on this week’s episode of The Tech Leaders Podcast to discuss his journey to tech leadership in the revolutionary field of robotics. From his poolside background as a national swimmer, Anders recounts how he dove headfirst into the world of robotics during his time studying at the Technical University of Denmark. 

Championing the innovative Danish tech scene, Anders’ current role at Universal Robots aims to bring robotics into the mainstream through the groundbreaking creation of ‘Cobots’: robots that are designed specifically for direct human interaction. 

Not only is Anders an expert in tech innovation, as he also has stellar advice for thriving as a tech leader, encouraging people to “draw the line and find your time” to ensure a positive work-life balance.

Time stamps

·       What does good leadership mean to Anders? (01:43)

·       Diving into the world of robotics (03:57)

·       The dawn of Denmark as a tech hub (09:32)

·       Universal Robots and the rise of Cobots (13:30)

·       Will a robot take your job? (21:57)

·       Making robots mainstream (23:58)

·       How Generative AI is enhancing the field of robotics (30:47)

·       How to achieve balance as a tech leader (38:23)

·       What Anders would tell his 21-year-old self (42:40)

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