#90, Renaud Heyd, CFO @ SAP UK: Evolving the role of CFO

Published on February 20, 2024

“The purpose of SAP is to make the world run better— It’s designed to improve every business process”. 

This week, Gareth is joined by a leader from one of the biggest software companies on the planet, SAP. Renaud Heyd, CFO of the software powerhouse in the UK, tells us all about his 25 years working for SAP and how they’ve shaped him into the tech leader that he is today. 

Renaud joined SAP straight after completing his MSc in Finance, and for the last 25 years, hasn’t looked back since. He attributes his longevity at SAP to the ability to be his authentic self in a company that fosters growth and the ability to seize opportunities. 

With a customer base that generates 87% of total global commerce, Renaud’s role as CFO is no small task. This episode is overflowing with stellar leadership advice and expert insight into the journey to CFO, as Renaud’s workplace mantra of “you can either change roles or change the role itself” has resulted in his success at the 3rd largest software company worldwide.

Time stamps 

  • What good leadership means to Renaud (02:20) 
  • The journey to CFO (04:02) 
  • Evolving the role of a CFO (09:09) 
  • The benefits of SAP cloud migration (14:35) 
  • SAP’s influence in developing nations (21:55) 
  • How ready are SAP customers for AI capability? (23:49) 
  • Renaud’s view on the future of AI (31:19) 
  • How to make it big in the finance industry (32:50) 
  • SAP’s new sustainable tech (38:44) 
  • Renaud’s advice to his 21-year-old self (42:52)