#88, 'Tech for good' and the future of migrant safety: Tom O’Sullivan, Founder and CEO @ Animus Bytes

Published on January 23, 2024

If you’re looking for a truly authentic insight into entrepreneurship, look no further than this week’s episode. Gareth is joined by Tom O’Sullivan, ex-army veteran and founder of software development company Animus Bytes, and the pair candidly discuss Tom’s journey from battlefield to business meeting. 

Tom’s leadership journey began in Helmand Province, where he was stationed during his time in the military and led a team of 90 soldiers. After his departure, his interest in risk and security lead him to the realm of cybersecurity and the technology space. At Animus Bytes, Tom and his team are currently working on an application called Migrant Watch, where vulnerable people at sea can be detected and rescued using AI, machine learning and NLP technology.  

From walking away from his own business that was no longer serving him, to realising his passions and starting over with Animus Bytes, Tom’s tech journey is emblematic of the trials and tribulations that are faced by founders everywhere. This episode is jampacked with stellar leadership advice, meditation tips and all-round interesting anecdotes— it’s not to be missed! 


  • What does good leadership mean to Tom? (02:26) 
  • Lessons learned from Tom’s time in the army (05:20) 
  • Mindful meditation (09:15) 
  • Starting a cybersecurity start-up (17:02) 
  • Facing failure as a founder (22:57) 
  • What is Animus Bytes? (27:45) 
  • How Animus Bytes is combatting the migration problem (30:35) 
  • The similarities between AI and nuclear weapons (45:18) 
  • Tom’s advice to his pre-military self (53:25)