#86, CEO and Co-founder of Angel Academe, Sarah Turner: Diversifying Angel Investment

Published on December 19, 2023

As Christmas is just round the corner, this week’s guest epitomises the season of goodwill in the form of angel investment. Sarah Turner, CEO and Co-founder of Angel Academe, joins Gareth to discuss her role in bridging the gap to support female entrepreneurs. 

In this episode, Sarah recalls the ‘lucky accidents’ that got her into the tech industry, as she is keen to dispel any preconceptions that the road to tech is a linear one. Her passion for digital media guided her on a journey from the corporate world to a start-up environment which ultimately lit a flame for entrepreneurialism, culminating in her journey to becoming an angel investor. 

Sarah was recently ranked 2nd on Computer Weekly’s Most Influential Women in Tech list 2023, reinforcing her recognition as a prominent figure in the tech start up investment world. Sarah’s innovative platform challenges angel investment norms, and allows female led start-ups to access top investors.  



  • What does good leadership mean to Sarah? (01:49) 
  • Sarah’s transition into tech (03:15) 
  • First experience with a start-up (06:35) 
  • What is the purpose of Angel Academe? (13:06) 
  • Female-focused entrepreneurship (17:15) 
  • Angel Academe’s unique selling points (23:20) 
  • Sarah’s stellar advice for entrepreneurs (25:15) 
  • The biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make (28:55) 
  • Talking ChatGPT and its impact (41:00) 
  • Sarah’s advice to her younger self (41:40)