#81 Daniel Schiappa, Chief Product Officer at Arctic Wolf: Cybersecurity Unlocked

Published on October 10, 2023

In this digital age of hyperconnectivity, ensuring your business is cyber-secure is crucial. That’s where this week’s guest comes in. Daniel Schiappa, Chief Product Officer at Arctic Wolf, joins Gareth to discuss his top tips for tech leadership and what’s happening right now in the cybersecurity space.  

Warning that the AI arms race has turned into a nuclear arms race, Daniel gives advice on what we all should be concerned about regarding AI regulations and how smaller companies can defend themselves against security breaches. 

Daniel has experience working in some of the largest tech companies across the globe, including Oracle, Microsoft, and Sophos before ultimately joining the team at Arctic Wolf. With a passion for cybersecurity guiding his journey to CPO, Daniel tells us of his highlights; from working with tech geniuses like Bill Gates, to receiving a life-changing letter from the UK government stating that the western civilisation is dependent on the work of himself and his team. 

Daniel is an influential tech leader with an unusual leadership mantra originating from a galaxy far, far away. He believes that ‘“there’s a time to be Yoda and there’s a time to be Darth Vader”’, and this duality of encouragement and ruthless determination is what keeps him and his leadership team ahead of the game. 

  • What does good leadership mean to Daniel? (02:12) 
  • Daniel’s key career milestones (04:33) 
  • Working with Bill Gates (11:28) 
  • The greatest engineering highlight of his career (14:00) 
  • Daniel’s role at Arctic Wolf (16:00) 
  • The cyberthreats that keep Daniel up at night (21:10) 
  • How to avoid cyberthreats as a smaller company (26:21) 
  • What is quantum computing? (34:16) 
  • Why cybersecurity is the perfect career path in 2023 (35:50) 
  • Daniel’s advice to his 21-year-old self (39:50)

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