#64 - David Buttress, Co-Founder of Just Eat UK & Chairman of The Dragons

Published on February 14, 2023

On this week’s episode, Gareth is joined by Welsh entrepreneur and businessman David Buttress to discuss his journey from disrupting the takeaway industry— by co-founding the pioneering UK tech giant Just Eat in 2006— to becoming an investor and taking on the mantle of chairman at his local Welsh rugby region, The Dragons. David speaks candidly about the formative years of his career at Coca-Cola, meeting his co-founder, Jesper Buch, and the early days of Just Eat.

The conversation expands on the ups and downs of creating an entirely new category in the technology space, and David’s role in leading one of the most valuable tech firms in the UK. This episode goes beyond the ‘typical success’ story and delves into the struggles and failures that David and his team faced on their path to success, providing valuable insights for those looking to start or grow a business.

Time stamps

·       David’s 3 factors of good leadership (02:30)

·       David’s formative years (06:15)

·       Mother knows best! (08:05)

·       Starting out at Coca Cola (09:30)

·       Jesper, energy drinks and the beginnings of Just Eat UK (12:00)

·       Hangry consumers (20:00)

·       Offline marketing (27:00)

·       Scaling David’s formula for success (28:10)

·       ‘Run fast grab land’ (32:12)

·       Hungry habits (39:00)

·       Authenticity in the workplace (40:45)

·       Leaving Just Eat UK (46:30)

·       An independent Wales (53:43)

·       David as the Cost-of-Living Tsar (58:05)

·       Leading the Dragons (1:02:00)

·       David’s advice to his 21-year-old self (1:08:30)