#61 - Jazz Carlin, Double Olympic silver medalist and SDR manager

Published on December 20, 2022

From making waves at the 2016 Rio Olympics, to turning the tide and embarking on a career in tech, Jazz Carlin joins Gareth on this week’s episode of The Tech Leaders Podcast to discuss her transition from Olympic athlete to a Woman in Tech. Jazz explains how leading by example is key to leadership both inside and outside of the pool, as implementing an ‘open-door policy’ is paramount in maintaining an effective career as a mentor.   

In recalling her turbulent path to Olympic success, Jazz Carlin articulates how ‘the biggest disappointments can lead to your biggest triumphs’ and that maintaining curiosity is one of the most important aspects of career progression. Having retired from professional swimming in 2019, Jazz talks about the daunting prospect of entering the jobs market at the age of 28, and how her experience as a professional athlete has helped her flourish in the world of business. 


·       What good leadership means to Jazz (02:10)

·       Who is Jazz Carlin? (04:10)

·       Being in control of your dreams (07:05)

·       ‘The biggest disappointments can lead you onto your biggest triumphs’


·       Swim with Jazz (08:57)

·       ‘Focus on the process’ (10:56)

·       Becoming a professional athlete (12:00)

·       The Olympic Shift (18:05)

·       How to thrive in a pressured environment (21:35)

·       ‘Have confidence in the here and now’ (27:10)

·       Life in the Olympic Village (28:00)

·       Hanging up the goggles (29:50)

·       Adapting to a new career venture (36:00)

·       Keeping her toes in the water with Swim Wales (39:00)

·       How to keep the momentum going (42:57)


*Book recommendations*

- The Chimp Paradox- Prof. Steve Peters

- Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway- Susan Jeffers