#59 Adrian Condon, Chief Technology Officer at B-Secur

Published on November 22, 2022

On this week’s episode of The Tech Leader’s podcast, Gareth is joined by Adrian Condon, the CTO of B-Secur, a company that creates cutting-edge, heart health technology that is used in some of our favourite tech wearables. In this episode, the topic of discussion centres around how technology can be used to understand the human body, exemplified by the life-saving heart rate variability monitors that Condon himself has helped create.  

In understanding our connection to machinery, we also find out how our stress levels mirror that of a car in first gear, and how to avoid a subsequent tech-induced burnout. However, at a time where there is frequent talk about ‘cyborgs’ replacing the organic human body, Adrian Condon discusses how technology should be used as a way of ‘aiding humans, not replacing them’. 

02:16 – What does good leadership mean to Adrian?
04:00 – What did Adrian want to be when he grew up?
05:14 – Where B-Secur started
08:20 – Information we can receive from ECG signals 
10:20 – Where this technology is going in terms of clinical usage 
11:30 – What does HRV (heart rate variability) mean?
15:00 - Stress in relation to cardiovascular disease
16:33 - Next wave of heart problems and “Athletes Heart”
21:30 – Lifestyle impact of these wearable technologies
23:40 – Is implantable technology the future?
26:10 – Sports performance and how this technology assists athletes.
29:40 – Alcohol, drinking and seeing the changes in HRV
32:00 – What is Adrian most excited about in the world in terms of technology innovation?
36:00 – How does Adrian stay healthy working in this field? 
40:00 – Adrian’s productivity advice
41:00 – If Adrian could have a coffee with anyone in the world, who would it be?
41:54 – What advice would you give to your 21-year-old self?
43:10 - Encouraging start-ups and teaching schools about tech and money