#55 Joe Baguley - VP & CTO, EMEA at VMware

Published on September 27, 2022

Joe Baguley is a CTO and leader who lives and breathes technology innovation. This week, he chats to Gareth about his journey from self-confessed ‘1980s computer nerd’ to CTO of Silicon Valley company VMware (...after 23 interviews).

Joe’s colourful life has seen him through a spell at Imperial College, the Army Reserves and - most surprisingly - a course in standup comedy. All these things have led him to where he is today: an excellent communicator with a ferocious appetite for information. 

And when he’s not making strides at the forefront of the tech industry, he’s taking on charity motorsport challenges and racing electric bikes. Tune in to get the full, fast-paced story in his own words from a man who never seems to stop!


  • Empathy in leadership (1.24)
  • Overview of background (2.45)
  • Key milestones (6.21)
  • Groundbreaking change (90s tech boom) (9.15)
  • Gadgetry (11.57)
  • Motorsport as therapy (16.44)
  • The future of electric cars (20.39)
  • 23 interviews in 2 and a half days for VMware job (22.59)
  • Culture at VMware (26.09)
  • Communicating in layman’s terms (29.54)
  • How did the pandemic change things? (34.12)
  • What is Joe most excited about? (38.00)
  • Advice to 21-year-old Joe (40.22)
  • Avoiding burnout (42.07)
  • Recommendations (43.29)
  • Outro (45.20)