#54 Anwen Robinson, UK & Ireland GM & SVP at Infor

Published on September 13, 2022

“I know I’ve succeeded as a leader when I’ve made myself obsolete.” Striking words from this week’s tech leader, Anwen Robinson, head of UK & Ireland's cloud computing giant Infor. 

Growing up in the Rhondda Valley, Anwen paved the way for her own success, calling up Cardiff University and talking her way onto a Mechanical Engineering course…and being the only woman didn’t deter her either.

From feeding punch cards into computers to teaching computer science via the medium of football, Anwen’s drive to lead and succeed has carried her up the ladder to lead one of the world’s biggest software companies. Here, she delivers her best advice for leadership and stresses the importance of curiosity to keep learning throughout life. 

  • Leadership (1.30) 
  • Young Anwen's unconventional path (2.35)
  • Bags of drive and ambition (8.02) 
  • The importance of ‘stupid’ questions (10.42) 
  • Key milestones (12.59)
  • First MD role (18.29) 
  • How to manage change (25.36)
  • What makes a good salesperson? (28.49) 
  • Women in STEM (31.58) 
  • The Prince’s Trust (35.46) 
  • Anwen outside of work (39.26) 
  • Advice to 21-year-old Anwen (40.20) 
  • Takeaways (42.22)