#52 Josie Smith, Chief Architect for Digital at BT

Published on August 9, 2022

This week’s guest is Josie Smith: Chief Architect for Digital at BT.

From humble beginnings on the checkouts at Asda to overseeing business architecture and setting a "digital first" vision at BT, Josie has undoubtedly made her mark on the industry as a successful female leader. 

In this episode, Josie and Gareth explore architecture in the corporate world, driving AI first and building automation into BT's operations. They also chat about finding your "super powers", understanding your strengths and the importance of confidence and believing in yourself. 

Josie tells us about diversity and inclusion at BT and the need to ensure people have ample opportunity for coaching and mentoring to enable them to reach their full potential

Along the way, they discuss

  • Josie’s favourite subject in school (2.01)
  • Selecting IT as a career path (3.16)
  • The leadership gender imbalance in tech (8.14)
  • The Importance of a good mentor (11.29)
  • Being a chief Architect at BT (16.20)
  • What’s hot right now at BT (18.40)
  • Evolution of BT (21.35)
  • What is Josie most excited about? (23.59)
  • Josie outside of work (25.59)
  • Top Productivity tips (28.06)
  • Advice to 21-year-old Josie (30.05)