#51 Arshad Farhad, CTO in Healthcare and Lifesciences in EMEA for Dell

Published on July 28, 2022

From virtual-appointments, to artificial intelligence, to data management and fighting cyber-attacks, Dell's Arshad Farhad helps healthcare providers to see how technology can support their work.

Arshad is Dell Technology's Chief Technology Officer in Healthcare and Life Sciences for Europe, Middle East and Africa. He's also working towards his doctorate in Federated Learning for AI (using ML and Data Science) to improve patient care using wearable and Internet of Medical Things sensors.

In this episode, Arshad tells Gareth why technology is the future of healthcare and how medicine can be more effective if it is data-driven.

Why Arshad is passionate about healthcare and technology (2.05)

Arshad’s PHD journey and challenges (3.17)

Healthcare in the next 5 to 10 years (4.35)

Ethical dilemmas (8.35)

Robotic surgery (9.53)

Wearable technology in healthcare (11.30)

How does the UK healthcare technology compare to other countries (15.41)

The last 12 months in healthcare technology (19.17)

Smart hospitals (21.00)

What problems is the healthcare sector facing (22.28)

How Dell is helping to address these challenges (25.09)

Edge-based healthcare (25.40)

AI healthcare (26.50)

Data management (27.15)

Data security (29.52)

Cloud technology (31.30)

Arshad's role as Chief Technology Officer (33.27)

What Arshad believes makes a good leader (36.27)

Leadership in the pandemic (37.34)

Who inspires Arshad (38.27)