#50 William Reeve, Founder of LoveFilm and entrepreneur

Published on July 13, 2022

This week’s guest is formidable entrepreneur, investor and CEO of Goodlord, William Reeve. 

After setting up his first business during the dotcom boom of the 90s, William moved on to set up pioneering media rental website LoveFilm.com in the noughties. 

Since then, he has co-founded Secret Escapes, as well as served on the boards of Nutmeg, Dunelm and Graze as a non-exec. Most recently, he founded Goodlord; an award-winning lettings platform designed to streamline tenancies. 

Having dipped his toe into all business sectors, William stands out as a tech leader with many strings to his bow. In this episode, he tells Gareth about his colourful career as an entrepreneur and the things he’s most excited about in the years to come. 

  • William’s take on the world situation right now (1.20)  
  • Problem-solving at Goodlord (2.58)
  • Early days at Mckinsey's - (4.30)
  • Setting up a business (6.37)
  • The dot-com boom (8.10)
  • LoveFilm.com (10.05)
  • Forecast for the future of online media (15.30)
  • How does William assess which opportunities to accept or reject? (17.07)
  • Joining Zoopla (19.52)
  • Secret Escapes (23.16)
  • Milestone moments (25.13)
  • What is William most excited about in the future? (28.51)
  • Outside of work/advice to 21-year-old William (30.18)
  • How the workplace is evolving (32.38)
  • Inspirational stories (35.29)