#49 - Tim Neill, Chief Risk Officer (Real Time Payments & Apps) at Mastercard

Published on June 21, 2022

This week’s guest is Tim Neill, Mastercard’s Chief Risk Officer for Real-time Payments and Applications. After studying Police and Criminal Justice Studies, Tim came to the UK twenty years ago straight out of university and was offered a consulting role at Goldman Sachs. 

Cutting his teeth in London’s fast-paced trading environment, assessing risk, resilience and security for world-renowned banks,  Tim began specialising in the payments sector, culminating in his lead risk role at global payments provider Mastercard. 

Tim chats to Gareth at Mastercard’s London offices about his career journey, the UK’s global position in payments, the future innovation of real-time payments at a cross-border level and Mastercard's work to create a global standard for payments and how this is helping develop payment infrastructure in countries worldwide. 

01:34 - Background
05:12 - Tim’s role at Mastercard
08:02 - Getting into payments as a specialism
08:47 - Significant changes in the last 8 years
10:55 - Getting more countries equipped with realtime payment services 
14:40 - Plans to create a global standard of payments
18:31 - Kenyan M-Pesa
21:02 - What is MasterCard taking forward from the pandemic? 
22:40 - Will innovation suffer from reduced workplace interaction?
24:27 - Outside of fintech, what is Tim most excited about? 
28:27 - Life outside of work
31:18 - Advice to the 21 year old Tim
32:18 - Tim’s inspirations