#48 - Brett Wigdortz, Co-Founder & CEO of Tiney and Teach First

Published on May 25, 2022

Brett Wigdortz OBE is a philanthropist, entrepreneur and founder of Teach First, an social enterprise charity addressing educational disadvantage in England and Wales. He was also recently re-elected as chairman of the board for the National Citizen Service, a UK government-backed training scheme for teenagers. 

Formerly an international journalist, Brett has spent time in dozens of countries and knows education inside out. As a founder and tech leader, he’s ambitious to find innovative solutions to education inequality and help lower-income children gain access to better schooling.  

In this episode, Brett chats to Gareth about his work setting up a digital community of childminders at tiney.co, the differences in education around the world and long-term challenges faced by schoolchildren due to the Covid pandemic. 

Beginnings (1.10) 
Defining Education (4.32)
Education and social mobility in the UK (5.55)
Education in Finland (9.04)
Long term impact of Covid (15.34) 
Setting up tiney.co (16.38)
NCS work (20.53)
What are North America doing differently? (24.40) 
Inequality in the UK (26.40) 
Outside of work (28.49)
Combating childhood obesity with Bite Back (31.27)
Links (34.38)