#47 - Ego Obi, Head of Operations for Google in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Published on May 4, 2022

Ego Obi is Head of Operations for Sub-Saharan Africa at Google. An inspiration to many, Ego is an experienced tech leader and mentor, who has done some incredible work which has improved the lives of millions.  

Originally pursuing a career in accountancy, Ego felt drawn to technology and systems, resulting in a career pivot, culminating in her being approached by Google to lead an amazing venture to provide world-class education and internet access to millions of people, across many emerging nations, globally.  

Furthermore, Ego is a career coach and philanthropist with involvement in some amazing charities. In this episode, Ego chats to Gareth about her upbringing, what inspires her, technology as an educational force for good, and the enormous economic potential of a truly digital Africa. 

  • Where did it all begin? (1.38)
  • Coaching women in tech (3.22)
  • Joining Google at a pivotal moment (5.58)
  • Google’s 20% project (7.50)
  • Move into emerging markets and education (10.47)
  • Removing barriers to internet access in West Africa (13.14)
  • What is Ego most proud of? (17.10)
  • Potential in Sub-Saharan African nations (20.18)
  • Ego’s upbringing (22.58)
  • What’s next? (24.08)
  • Charitable endeavours (27.09)
  • How has the pandemic changed Google? (29.05)
  • Advice to 21 year old Ego (31.40)
  • Inspirational reading (32.49)
  • Links to Ego’s work (35.43)