#44 - Women in Tech Special #4: Flavilla Fongang, Founder of 'Black Women in Tech'

Published on February 22, 2022

The final instalment of the Women in Tech Series is upon us. And what a series it has been!

This week, branding expert, marketing entrepreneur, ‘Black Women in Tech’ founder and all-around super-woman Flavilla Fongang, joins Kerensa and Gareth for a memorable chat!

This value-filled conversation covers everything from the moment she landed in the UK, unable to speak a word of English, and then going on to complete two degrees and a MA in International studies; through to her advice on building a personal brand,  overcoming adversity through confidence and perseverance. 

We also talk about the formation of ‘Black Women in Tech’ and how to cultivate confidence and ambition to fulfil your career aspirations. 

06:00 - Flavilla’s Personal Brand
07:50 - Challenges of the Past
11:20 - Taking Ownership
13:26 - Work/Life Balance
16:57 - What Books has Flavilla been most inspired by?
22:00 - Motivation behind setting up Black Women in Tech
28:55 - Women and STEM Subjects
31:00 - Cultural differences for women careers between UK And France
32:30 - Flavilla’s Advice
34:20 - Tips about confidence
36:50 - Branding Mistakes