#37 - Greg Jackson – CEO at Octopus Energy

Published on October 21, 2021

Octopus Energy is on a mission to make a big green dent in the universe by building a truly sustainable energy system globally – by making power greener, smarter, and more affordable for everyone. I had a great time catching up with Greg Jackson, CEO and Founder of Octopus Energy, to find out more about how they’ve been democratising green energy. 

In this discussion we explore Greg’s values-based leadership style, the impact of economic theory versus reality, his mission to clean up the energy sector, and the future of the smart grid. 

Talking Points

  • The impact of having studied a degree in Economics (5:58)
  • His time working at Procter & Gamble and leaving the corporate world (9:38)
  • Greg’s values-based leadership style (13:31)
  • On supporting local communities, social justice and mobility (22:28)
  • How Octopus Energy fosters diversity and inclusion during they’re hiring process (24:46)
  • Why they don’t have an HR department (27:16)
  • Lessons learned from the 2020 pandemic (29:09)
  • Remote vs office-based work (31:24)
  • The impact of eliminating carbon emissions (33:00)
  • How the UK is doing with tackling climate change (37:21)
  • Cryptocurrency and green energy (39:53)
  • The ‘Uberization’ of the grid (42:22)