#36 - Jack Wearne – CEO at Ve Global

Published on October 7, 2021

Jack Wearne’s financial career started more or less during the 2008 crash. Fortunately, it opened many doors for him, which we uncover in this episode. He is currently the CEO at Ve Global, the ecommerce specialist ​​that enables brands to recreate their in-store experience – online – through a Digital Assistant. Prior to that, he spent 14 years as a city bank trader, which I couldn't wait to find out more about. 

Tune in to our discussion as we explore the profound impact Jack’s MBA has had on his career and life, operating from a startup mindset, overcoming strategy overwhelm, the power of perseverance, and lockdown fitness fads. 

Talking Points

  • The change in banks and trading after 2008 (03:08)
  • How studying an MBA has helped Jack’s position as Chief Executive Officer at Ve Global (08:02)
  • Developing skills in risk management as a trader (09:48)
  • Ve Global’s previous tough times (10:56)
  • Turning around Ve Global (13:32)
  • Advice on executing strategy (21:23)
  • The impact of phasing out third party cookies (29:06)
  • The future for town centres and traditional retail (32:41)
  • Technological innovations and climate change (36:09)
  • The hybrid model of working (37:52)
  • Jack’s advice to his 21 year old self (43:34)