#33 - Jonathan Lister Parsons – CTO, PensionBee

Published on August 18, 2021

PensionBee is on a mission to create a future of financial freedom through their technology platform. Pensions can be overwhelming and confusing, so I’m excited to bring on PensionBee’s co-founder and CTO, Jonathan Lister Parsons, to unpack how their disruptive technology has enabled hundreds of thousands of people to be "pension confident" through their technology platform. 

Join our discussion as we explore the impact of being a technology disruptor, the social impact of investing, blended learning, trusting your inner voice – and what we can learn from Japanese culture.

Talking Points

  • Advice for small companies with lean teams (10:37)
  • The future of work for software developers (14:44)
  • Equipping the future labour market with the right technology skills (21:06)
  • Launching PensionBee (26:01)
  • The pension culture in the UK (31:14)
  • Disrupting the pension industry (35:47)
  • Upcoming projects for PensionBee (40:44)
  • The future of batteries (47:00)
  • What we can learn from the Japanese culture (50:54)
  • Where to start with your pension savings and how to build a £1 million pension pot (53:59)