#29 - Didem Un Ates – GM, of Data & AI at Microsoft and Women-in-Tech Advocate

Published on May 19, 2021

Having worked in three countries, Didem has more than 20 years experience in the global technology industry, spanning Enterprise Software and SaaS, Big Data and AI, Managed Services and Cloud business models. Under her current role as General Manager, Data & AI Acceleration at EMEA Microsoft, she’s responsible for the Data & AI customer success strategy, readiness, and execution.

Didem’s energy is infectious. I was so excited to speak with her to learn more about her mission to empower more female leaders in technology, and what she’s doing to help combat domestic violence through technology. Tune in as we also discuss Satya Nadella’s leadership style, Microsoft’s work culture, some inspiring use cases for AI, how we can strive for more diversity and inclusion in the workplace  – and bumping into Bill Gates in the office.

Talking Points

  • The cultural transition moving from Turkey to USA (05:22)
  • Lessons from the consultancy world when working for Capgemini (10:50)
  • Cultural differences between UK and US (17:10)
  • Satya Nadella's "growth mindset" and Microsoft’s transformation over the last decade (18:149)
  • Didem’s role and mission at Microsoft (27:35)
  • Striving for more diversity and inclusion in technology (28:34)
  • What technology leaders can do to foster diversity and inclusion in their teams  (36:18)
  • How AI can help solve domestic violence (38:15)
  • Microsoft’s remote working policy (47:33)
  • Advice for young female engineers who want to pursue a career path like Didem’s (48:53)