#26 - Dave Chaplin – Founder and CEO, ContractorCalculator and IR35 Shield

Published on March 26, 2021

As an ex-contractor himself, Dave Chaplin wrote and published the first ever interactive online IR35 tax calculator. IR35 refers to the UK's anti-avoidance tax legislation designed to tax 'disguised' employment at a rate similar to employment. And as it sounds, it can get messy. I’m super excited to catch up with Dave again to hear more about how IR35 may affect you this year. 

Dave is the Founder and CEO of ContractorCalculator and CEO of IR35 Shield. He assists with IR35 tax tribunals, and regularly attends those he’s not involved with to increase his knowledge. Tune in as we discuss Dave’s former campaigns, the delays from the pandemic, and working on high profile cases such as Kay Adams. It’s about having the right processes in place, so enjoy this episode as Dave shares lots of helpful resources. 

Talking Points

  • Dave’s key milestones and campaigns over the last 12 months (4:10)
  • Lobbying in parliament in front of 30 MPs (5:48)
  • The impact of blanket bans and determinations (9:03)
  • The problem with the tool for checking employment status for tax (11:38)
  • Lessons from high profiles cases (13:26)
  • Working with agencies (19:15)
  • Demystifying VAT when working inside (22:01)
  • The firms that HMRC are likely to be ‘going after’ (28:07)
  • The future of the Small Company Exemption Clause (35:10)