#25 - Huw Thomas– Cofounder, Counterfactual Ventures

Published on March 4, 2021

Today’s guest is a serial entrepreneur focused on sustainability in the food and energy sectors. Huw Thomas is the Cofounder, President and COO at Counterfactual Ventures, a venture studio focused on filling gaps in the alt-protein industry to accelerate the 'protein transition'.

With a background in computer engineering and renewable energy, it’s been a fascinating journey for Huw. He was the COO of cultivated meat startup New Age Meats, co-founder of renewable energy consultancy SCENE, and CEO of sports nutrition startup Fuelit. 

Tune in to learn more about dealing with the colossal global meat industry, how to best name the ‘meat alternative’ industry, dealing with regulations, and the need for more curiosity as leaders.

Talking Points

  • Huw’s training in computer engineering (3:22)
  • The stage we’re at in the mass production of alternative protein sources (12:50)
  • When we can expect viable alternatives to meat on a global scale (16:09)
  • Naming the industry for meat alternatives (22:25)
  • The story and mission behind Counterfactual Ventures (31:50)
  • Seeking outcome driven entrepreneurs (36:46)
  • The role of curiosity in leadership (47:00)