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PMO & project leadership

bedigital can provide you with support to embed change into your organisation.

This could include setting up or improving your project management function and engagement with the business to ensure that your investments achieve their outcomes.

bedigital staff are experts in Agile and Waterfall delivery and can help you deploy them effectively into your organisation. 

Methodology implementation

bedigital utilise a delivery framework to create a common outcome-based management approach which allows multiple methodologies to be integrated into the same assurance framework. This allows you to run and manage IT, business, Agile and Waterfall projects concurrently across the organisation whilst maintaining consistency and control. 

Project management office establishment and management

A good PMO should add value by maintaining standards and also but managing the investment portfolio and providing insights to the organisation. bedigital’s experience provides significant benefits to our clients but creating a mature managed PMO which actively manages the delivery portfolio

Maturity development

Making the right decisions at the right time minimises risk, bedigital can provide mentoring, training and support to develop the ability of your organisation to manage and control change within your organisation. 

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