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Operational management

Managing IT operations in a disaggregated world requires mature processes and tools to manage the distributed organisation in accordance with changing business requirements. 

Multi-sourcing organisations need to be able to understand and manage the business services end-to-end. This includes consolidation of business as well as IT services especially during mergers & acquisitions and demergers & spin-offs. An integral part is IT service management, including relevant processes.

ITSM tools and processes

bedigital personnel have implemented ITSM frameworks in a range of environments and can provide the leadership required to develop a mature and efficient model capable of supporting service in a multi-supplier environment.

Organisational development and maturity

In a multi-supplier environment, it is essential that the IT organisation has the capabilities to manage the suppliers and maintain the integrity of the delivered services. bedigital provides organisational design services and capability development to support your organisation. 

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